Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lapland update

For now, I've been in Lapland since this Tuesday. From Wednesday onwards, I've been helping at my uncle's cottage construction site, where we've been taking some left-over materials away, chopping some boards and tree trunks for firewood.

Luckily, we've also spent some time in the nature, so I've got something to write and show on my blog. I just have to admit that the scenery couldn't get any better here in Finland. During this evening, we went for a short walk and saw few great spots, and we even saw a reindeer passing closeby. I'll bet there will be more stories and pictures to share, but this is it for now.

And finally, even the temperature is getting towards the right direction, cause it's around +5 C degrees during evenings. It's pretty nice, cause I got really sick and tired of those +30 C summer days in southern Finland.

Kellostapuli fell

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