I'm a Finnish forestry student and a boy scout, and I write about my free time outdoor experiences and other related stuff. Even-though the blog might seem to be bit personal, I'm trying to write some trip report kind of stuff or something outdoorsy to think about once in a while. The blog was named "Multipurpose outdoors" until February 2013, when I decided to make a change. The new name is "Life in 38 litres", and I'll try to write more about environmental topics as well.

The reason for writing in English has been developed due to a fact that I would like to give something outdoorsy to read for foreigners as well, when it comes to finding out information about different trails or other outdoorsy stuff mainly in Finland. Finally, I'll have to apologize possible mistakes in grammar, words etc., as English is not my mother tongue, even-though I try to proofread all my posts before publishing them.

Feel free to comment or share your ideas, whatever it concerns.

I can be contacted by email as well, if your contact concerns private matters.

juuso88( a t )gmail.com

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Feel free to comment or share your ideas.