Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lapland part II

Kesänki fell

On Saturday, we went for a day hike around a nearby lake (Kesänkijärvi), but we actually continued a bit further way east towards a hut (Latvamaja), which is open only in winter. The plan was to go and look for some cloudberries, although we knew that there would only be few, if any. On our way, we decided to go for black crowberries, which we picked a few liters. Black crowberries are great for making juice. We'll find out whether it's true or not...

On Sunday, the original plan was to hike up the "Devil's gorge" (Pirunkuru) towards the summit of Kesänki fjeld, but it happened to be rainy during early morning hours. In this case, we decided to postpone our day hike, cause the rocks on the path would have been slippery. Finally, we decided to visit another nearby spot, called Pakasaivo, which is a deep lake formed by the ice age and it has been a sanctuary of Sami people. This place is most definitely worth visiting, but unluckily we forgot to take our camera with us, so there are no photos available.

Later on during Sunday, I started to make something to drink out of our black crowberries. I found the easiest looking recipe from a local "what to do during summer" -brochure, and it's actually called as "Love potion" by the locals:

2 liters of water
2 glassfulls of smashed black crowberries
2 glassfulls of sugar

Mix sugar into water, and let it come to boil. Let the mixture cool down, and pour it on top of the smashed berries. Cover the bowl, and put it e.g. under your window (needs sunlight) for three days. Strain this mixture and let it cool down. Enjoy...

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