Thursday, 10 March 2011

Some more telemark skiing

This time, I'm going to report a short story of our teleskiing day in southern Finland. Generally, today was just quite awesome what comes to the weather point of view. Sun was shining nicely in the beginning (around noon) and temperature staying bit above 0'C degrees, but the slopes were still in pretty good condition, cause there weren't that many skiers around.

During the first couple of runs, we spent on memorising "hmmm, how should those telemark turns go smoothly again..." Finally, we started to remember the basics after few runs, and then we spent time on rehearsing those. All in all, quite some development has happened, but there's still a lot to do (looking those "big boys", who can really rip it fast with smooth looking edge turns).

After our pizza break, we skied a couple of runs taking some pictures and few videos of our teleskiing. We still skied few runs after our multimedia sessions, but then it was time to call it a day.