Sunday, 30 October 2011

Scout hut renovation III

On this weekend, we proceeded in building our new porch at our scout hut. We didn't quite finish it yet, but we still managed to do quite a few things. What comes to the new porch; the exterior is now somewhat done (only some finishing touch is still needed), the door and the windows are still to be mounted, the interior is still in a need of wall and ceiling panels and some insulation material for the ceiling.

For the insulation, we used a Finnish wood fiber based insulation material called Ekovilla, which is made out of wood fiber separated from recycled newspaper. We chose it mainly because of two reasons;

A) we didn't want to deal with the glass dust coming out of the most commonly used glass insulation material
B) we wanted to be eco-friendly

Our work party also finished doing the new roof for our storage and some finishing touch for the chimney of our sauna.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Our paddling story on the local scouting magazine

As we had planned, we wrote a short diary kinda description of our paddling trip for publishing it on the official magazine of our scout district, which is called Heppu (freely translated as "Dude").

To be honest, the editorial staff of the magazine somewhat didn't quite succeed in the way we would have wanted it. They took away few best parts of the story and failed in putting only my name as the author of the story and pictures, which is bit sad, but hey you can't always win... In the end, the outfit is though quite nice.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Scout hut renovation II

Since we had nothing else to do on Saturday, we decided to continue the porch project at our scout hut. We just worked couple of hours in the afternoon, but we still managed to finish the front wall and we finished preparing the roof for the coming slats and metal roofing, as we covered the roof section with boards.

In a few weeks time, we'll most probably get it and a bunch of other things done as we're going to have another more official work party weekend in the end of October.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Scout hut renovation I

We spent this weekend at our scout hut doing some renovation work. As I mentioned earlier in spring, we're going to build a whole new porch. We drove there on Friday, but the actual work begun on Saturday by fixing the foundations of our firewood shelter and carrying all the lumber to the hut, as a guy drove there with his fully packed trailer of lumber and wooden fibreboards for windproofing.

On Saturday, a few other leaders/parents got the metal roofing done for our sauna in a blink of an eye, while we were building the frame of the porch. We kept on working with the porch until Sunday afternoon, although most of us left on Saturday. Luckily, we still have another weekend to finish our porch project in the end of October.