Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Waiting for dry rock

Wish it could be dry already...

At Easter, we are going to check out some nearby climbing places, and just hope they're enough dry for some Easter climbing. Although the most frustrating thing seems to be that some rains have been forecast for the next weekend, but hopefully sun is going to shine some hours, so there could be a chance for outdoor climbing.

The main goal is to go rope climbing, but if "the cliffs" are too wet, we'll hope that some bouldering places are dry already.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Some 6a+ 's

It actually took this long for me (climbed since November 2009) to manage some 6a+'s in both bouldering and rope climbing. On last Sunday, I managed to climb one 6a+ in the brand new bouldering cave of Konala, although I had hurt my fingers and wrist during the warm up, when felling in between of two crashpads.

On Tuesday, I managed one 6a+ in Tapanila climbing centre, while climbing in the B hall during Finnish Alpine Club's session.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Kumpula's indoor climbing wall --- checked

For my part, the Helsinki university's campus climbing wall is now checked out. Today, I had a couple-hour climbing session there and it seemed to be a quite small place, but still interesting and cosy for indoor climbing.

The routes seemed to be a bit more technical than strength demanding, so even in some 5a's, a smaller guy had to reach for the next holds with more technical body positions. The final "score" of the day were a few 5c's, which actually seemed to be easier than some 5a's.

Any way, a fairly good place to practice climbing technique and remember to climb rather at noon, so the place won't be totally crowded.