Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lapland part III

My journey in Lapland is about to end, as we're going to drive back southwards tomorrow.

On Wednesday, we stopped by a place called Äkäsmylly, which is a historical mill nearby the village of Äkäslompolo. It has been a communal mill for grinding grain in the past. It is situated by a small rapid of Äkäsjoki river.

And for last, but definitely not least, we strained our "Love potion" (black crowberry juice) on Wednesday. I have to admit that it tasted pretty good. The proportion, we used, was 3:3:3 (the original recipe can be found from Lapland part II). Finally, we got about 3,5 liters of juice, which is still quite sweet, so we mixed it with cold water (1 (juice): 2 (water)).

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