Sunday, 1 January 2012

My new outdoor mobile phone

As my old Nokia got wet in my pocket and the keypad didn't work until the following morning during our hike in Nuuksio national park in August 2011, I started to look for a new one, which should be bit more outdoor proof.

Before Christmas, I decided to wish a new phone as a present, and fortunately Santa noticed my wish. I got a Samsung Xcover 271, which has the IP67 certification, so it's dust proof and waterproof (at 1 m depth for 30 minutes). Unfortunately, it's my first non-Nokia phone, as I'm Finnish, but the cruel fact is that the specs of the Samsung one are simply much more relevant for me.

Apparently, the phone is designed for quite tough use as you can see from the following video. Germans do know how to test products :)

The model is actually not brand new, as Samsung released it in October 2010, but it's enough new for a humble person like me.

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