Sunday, 30 October 2011

Scout hut renovation III

On this weekend, we proceeded in building our new porch at our scout hut. We didn't quite finish it yet, but we still managed to do quite a few things. What comes to the new porch; the exterior is now somewhat done (only some finishing touch is still needed), the door and the windows are still to be mounted, the interior is still in a need of wall and ceiling panels and some insulation material for the ceiling.

For the insulation, we used a Finnish wood fiber based insulation material called Ekovilla, which is made out of wood fiber separated from recycled newspaper. We chose it mainly because of two reasons;

A) we didn't want to deal with the glass dust coming out of the most commonly used glass insulation material
B) we wanted to be eco-friendly

Our work party also finished doing the new roof for our storage and some finishing touch for the chimney of our sauna.

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