Friday, 3 December 2010

Nothing special

Wow, it has been quiet for a while. Probably, because I haven't been doing anything really special or exciting. But still, I´ve been messing around with a bunch of things, although this time no pictures are taken.

Winter is going on quite well in Finland and there´s surprisingly snow here in the southern part too well before Christmas. So I´ve luckily been able to start my cross-country skiing season a bit earlier (few weeks ago) compared to the latest winters. And at the moment, it´s snowing so hopefully the tracks will be in even better condition.

What comes to climbing, I´ve been leading indoors and messing around with routes of 6a´ish. I´ve also done some bouldering and managed to climb my first 6b on 45 degree overhang during last Sunday´s session.

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