Friday, 31 December 2010

Celebrating New Year in the name of cross-country skiing

The past few days have gone in the name of cross-country skiing. We, me and my cousin, visited our uncle's place in south-western Finland. All in all, we had time to do skiing for four days and our daily pace was approximately more or less 15 kilometers (between 13 and 18 km's any way). So during those four days, we skied total of 60 kilometers, which was some kind of a goal for us. The tracks were in pretty much perfect condition, so it was really pleasant to do cross-country skiing from that point of view.

Of course it's easy to ski even more, but those sessions, we had, were quite normal "just go out and ski" not some 30-kilometer "take hot chocolate and lunch with you" days.

I think that it's time to do some climbing for now...

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