Sunday, 11 September 2011

Signs of Autumn

I've been picking mushrooms during the last and this weekend, and it most definitely seems like autumn is beginning. Although, temperatures are still quite high, but it has been more rainy, and that's when mushrooms will begin to flourish. And some golden chanterelles can still be found, although the best season for those has already pretty much gone.

A week ago, we got few liters of funnel chanterelles and about a liter of golden chanterelles from a forest in Sipoo.

Today, we got almost 10 liters of funnel chanterelles, a liter of black chaterelles, few golden ones and an orange birch bolete nearby Nuuksio national park. So, there will be more than enough mushrooms for the next winter.

Oh and finally, I made some more black crowberry juice and it's damn tasty, again...

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