Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Paddling arrangements


We've been planning this year's paddling expedition (see the story of 2010) with our scout group since last autumn. Finally, it starts to look like more and more sure that our 200 km paddling expedition is going to happen. In the beginning of this year, we sent some emails to a couple of paddling companies and outdoor magazines. Luckily, we got one answer from a company called Welhonpesä Ltd., which promised to support our paddling trip by letting us use their tandem kayaks and gear during our trip. It's just simply awesome...

The "thing" is that we are going to paddle with tandem kayaks from Tammela (South/Southwestern Finland) to Pori (Western Finland) through two rivers, starting from Loimijoki and then continuing Kokemäenjoki all the way to the coastal line of Baltic Sea in Pori. The length of the trip is approx. 210 kms and we are aiming to paddle it within five days, so the goal is to paddle about 40 kms a day.

A rough overview of the route

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