Thursday, 10 February 2011

Snowy Tuesday

After a few days of above zero degrees and wet snow, a snowfall hit during the early morning on Tuesday. I tried to figure out something to do, but it would have been shitty to cross-country ski, so I took my snowshoes out of their bag. Then, I went to nearby woods for a quick and fun session, which included some "climbing with snowshoes" and few "locked heels" drops into fresh and untouched snow. Well, for the "climbing" part I had to choose another route, cause the first one was too icy. Finally, the one I climbed had some old and well packed snow, which "bent" into nice juggy hand holds after a bit of fisting.

The first line, which was bit too icy...

And by the way, I just realized that my blog is going to have its first anniversary on 13th February. Quite a bunch of things has happened during the first year and luckily the statistics show that some people have found/read this blog (a few times in a day, on average)

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