Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Helvetia part X: Balmhorn 3698m


Again one so awesome day off has gone. I decided to match few days off for doing Balmhorn with our grounds assistant. Balmhorn is the highest mountain peak nearby Kandersteg. The summit is 3698m above the sea level. Today was the first attempt to do it and well the weather couldn't be more perfect.

The route to Balmhorn and back from Sunnbuel valley

View towards Zackengrat ridge

We left the centre and took the first cable car up to Sunnbuel at 8am. From Sunnbuel, we hiked towards Sagiwald, where we took the path up towards Schwarxgletscher. Before we started heading up towards Zackengrat ridge, we got ready for roping up with crampons and ice axes. The way up to the ridge was actually easier than I thought. Then we took the ridge up towards Balmhorn. It was quite snowy before the pre-summit, so walking up was bit harder, but we managed. Finally, we reached the summit around 3pm and the view was so amazing...

The summit 3698m (view towards Kanderfirn glacier)

We had our lunch at the summit and after we started heading down the same route. Except, we had to walk down from Sunnbuel, cause the last cable car down goes at 5.30pm. We finally reached the centre at 8pm, so quite nice 12h alpine day off...

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