Thursday, 15 July 2010

Helvetia part V: Climbing going on

It has been quite hectic, when it comes to climbing. This week, I've had three intermediate climbing courses in row, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So it has been basicly hanging out at the climbing wall of Winteregg. By the Wednesday's cable car down from Winteregg, the cable car driver already recognised me and asked 'What have you been doing during these days in row?'.

On Thursday's day off, we decided to go climbing and surprisingly we went to Winteregg. So four days in row at Winteregg climbing wall. Although, the day off was a bit more relaxed and climbing was more fun and free, than during working days. So all in all, four days in row at Winteregg and eight cable car rides, which is a pretty good achievement in four days...

Sorry, there aren't any pictures available from climbing or from my 'Oh shit' lead climbing fall that I took last week...

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