Monday, 14 June 2010

Helvetia part I: Thun, Spiez and some Oeschinensee gondoling

On air again from Switzerland...

Arrived here on Friday 11th June and it's totally amazing country. Before our training season started on Saturday 12th at 5pm, we went to check out few nearby towns by train. At first, we checked out the town of Thun, which is quite famous Swiss town due to it's fabulous old town region. There were some really nice narrow streets and a river streaming through the town. The town of Spiez was also amazing and it was just on our way back to Kandersteg from Thun. It was just a really beautiful lakeside town with the most fabulous alpine scenery.

On Monday 14th, we had the famous D-Day of our training season with those funny looking theme clothes. After spending our morning in the village, at afternoon we went up a mountain hill with the Oeschinensee gondola. Some pretty nice views... After the gondola ride, we had lunch and then we hiked to Oeschinensee to check out the lake and mountains surrounding it. Finally, we hiked down the hill back to the village.

Couldn't be more excited about these mountains...

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